Drain Line Snaking

Drain line snaking, also known as drain augering, is a method for clearing blockages in drain pipes using a long, flexible metal cable.

  • Effective for common clogs: Drain snaking is a reliable method for clearing clogs caused by hair, soap scum, grease, and other common drain debris.
  • Relatively simple: Snaking a drain can often be done without requiring major disassembly of plumbing fixtures.
  • Affordable solution for that clog that won’t come out

Overall, drain line snaking is a popular and effective method for clearing clogged drains, especially for common household clogs. However, for tougher clogs or if you suspect pipe damage, it may be best to have a camera inspection performed.

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Our high pressure water jetter allows us to get hard to remove grease and mud from lines making them squeaky clean.

Camera Inspection And Recording

Our high tech camera with color screen and self leveling head gives us the ability to look inside of your pipes and identify the issue.